What is Real Science?

The word "science" means "to know."  What an eye is, what it does, and how we treat it for disease is real science. 

Real science is supposed to be neutral in regards to the supernatural, not anti.

Scientific naturalism is a philosophical worldview, not science.  Scientific naturalism insists that only natural processes can be considered in scientific endeavor, and all supernatural possibilities must be excluded.  That is an exercise of one's philosophical worldview, and not a scientific endeavor.  It is atheistic in nature.

In this section we will look at the following questions:

1. What is the Scientific Method of Discovery?

2. What about the Origin of the Universe?

3. What about the Origin of Life?

4. Does "Micro" evolution lead to "Macro" evolution?

5. What about Reptile to Bird Evolution?

6. What about a Chimp-like ancestor to Human evolution?

7. What about the Fossil Record?