Are Worldviews a Hindrance in Science?

Whether we realize it or not or whether we admit it or not, we all have a worldview. What is a "Worldview"? A worldview is a person's set of assumptions about the basic makeup and nature of the world and universe.

One definition of worldview is: "The totality of one's beliefs about reality.”

Most people have a pair of philosophical worldview glasses that they usually wear, and usually, like a pair of sunglasses, often do not realize they have them on.

Most people are unable to tell where real science ends, and their philosophical belief system begins. They continually equate their philosophical interpretations of evidence with the evidence and science itself and perceive them to be the same thing.

Like wearing regular sunglasses, if you try to remove them so they can see clearly, they jump back and try to defend themselves as if under attack, not realizing someone is trying to help them.